It's New,nerve use it before. But without the boxes and any books.

Just press a few buttons, set the time to make coffee, and enjoy your favorite coffee in minutes.

- Digital time control and LCD display
- Stainless steel elements
- Transparent water level indicator
- Non-stick coating of the heating plate
- Removable filter
- Contains permanent filter and spoon
- Anti-drip system
product details:
Voltage: 230-240V
Power: 900W
Capacity: 51.24oz / 1.5L
Size: 25 * 19 * 32cm
This package includes:
1 x 12 cup coffee maker
1 x glass coffee kettle
1 x permanent filter
1 x removable filter basket
1 x coffee spoon
1 x user manual
Quick Guide:
1. When using for the first time, fill the water tank and do not add coffee.
2. Thoroughly clean all removable parts with warm water.
3. Do not put the coffee kettle in the dishwasher.
4. Do not exceed the limit of the water tank.
5. Do not add too much coffee to the coffee maker.
6. Place the coffee maker on a stable surface.
7. Do not place the empty glass coffee kettle on the heating plat

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